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Return to HomeAlpha & Omega Church Furniture has been providing quality church furnishings and accessories since 1977. Our mission is to provide, from beginning to end, the highest quality church furnishings and accessories to meet your individual needs and budget. We are located in the heart of the furniture industry which assures that quality is always yours here at A & O. 

Alpha & Omega Church Furniture/Renovations, LLC
(800) 523-9058
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A&O Service Contacts

  • John Chesnutt has served as President of A & O Church Furniture since 1979.  He is the representative for North and South Carolina. You can email him at

  • Lee Chesnutt is the representative for Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. You can email him at


A&O Church Furniture has served the church furniture community since 1977.  A&O Church Furniture has hundreds of reference clients across the Southeastern US.  A continuing and updated testimonial list will be provided upon your request.


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PO Box 1845
Jamestown, NC 27282